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Greg Brooks
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If we haven’t had the pleasure, I’m Greg Brooks, Professional Chef. From the age of 17 I progressed from private catering to opening my first restaurant when I was 24. In 2004, together with my wife, Tina, I opened a small batch specialty food manufacturing company. We are currently making products for over 20 different companies. We promote local real food sourcing, globally. We want to ensure that the farmers growing our food are not only paid a living wage, but actually participating in the sustainability of the food chain. Our food is really important to us!

Real Good, Real Food

For Manufacturers: You can either make your product or you can sell and distribute it.
Let us do the hard work for you!


I work very hard at finding amazing ingredients for my recipes.

This principle guides me as I create professional formulas for my Commercial clients, and you, our Peppermaster friends.

I have been making real food based, cooking and dessert sauces, here in Canada since 1978. I started in Nova Scotia and now have my home base halfway between Montreal and Ottawa.

Let me introduce to you to all of the things we do over here.

Peppermaster Local

Locally sourced vegetable rich, premium grocery products for sale in Éco-local and Specialty Food Stores. These products are available for sale in stores through our new sister distribution company, Les Aliments Chez Nous.

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Custom & White Label projects

Planning a Wedding, Bar, or Bat Mitzvah? Celebrating the birth of a new chilihead, a gender reveal, or even a celebration of life memorial? Perhaps you want to create a fundraiser for your school or group or just want to give a branded gift to everyone in your organization? We do ALL of THESE THINGS and more!

Copack Capabilities & More!

Our specialty is small batch manufacturing for companies who need to work with real food ingredients. Our clients demand ONLY the freshest, most sustainable ingredients we can find. Discernment would be our middle name if that were a middle name. You can contact us any time with questions, recipe suggestions, help making your product safe, business management ideas, you can even hire Tina for tarot readings. We are here for you.

Safe Food & Award Winning

We were about safe food before anyone really knew the meaning of the phrase. We work directly with International food safety specialists and the relationships with farmers in order to ensure that the products we make are made with the best ingredients that can be grown. We discovered a long time ago that we could use scientifically proven methods along with a KISS (*Keep It Simple, Stupid) methodology to bring amazingly safe food made with real food ingredients, to the public, in large enough batches to be competitive, at an affordable price.

What our clients are saying

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Here you will find an ever expanding list of my favourite recipes.

I hope you try some of them.

If you do, tag Peppermaster and show me your results!

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