Salsa made for a variety of tastes and heat levels– Try them all!


A variety of Salsas, local tomatoes grown in greenhouses, fresh garlic, cilantro and onions. Handcrafted and ingredients sourced direct from farmers. organic, all natural, simple, fresh ingredients. Small batchesfresh and tasty.


Chez Nous Foods – Salsas

A variety of Salsas all made from local tomatoes grown in greenhouses. Fresh garlic, cilantro, and onions.

Handcrafted with Local Ingredients

Our products are handcrafted locally, but we also go further to source ingredients from local farmers. Starting with local organic tomatoes and onions, simple fresh ingredients allow a clean, well-defined flavor to burst from our products. Small batches keep them fresh and tasty. We never use artificial flavors, colors, spices, or pepper extracts. They are all gluten-free, naturally vegan, and absolutely delicious. You will immediately taste the difference, and it’s even better knowing there are real benefits for our community, friends, and family.

Not all Salsas are made alike.

At Brooks Pepperfire Foods we strive to make the best quality salsas that have the greatest social benefit. Thus our Motto: Real Good. Real Food.

My line of Classic (Classique) Salsas which use fresh locally grown cilantro, fresh squeezed lime juice, local grown, pesticide-free tomatoes, local onions, and fresh peppers; all grown within 100 km, is different from most. We use multiple varieties of tomatoes in each jar. Some are poached, peeled, and diced. Some are juiced for their rich flavor. All are grown pesticide-free. We have four heat levels of Classique Salsa each heated and flavored with different varieties of fresh peppers. The mild uses jalapeno and habanada peppers for their rich flavor and minimal spice, that is truly mild. The medium uses jalapeno and a touch of goat pepper for great flavor. The hot uses red habanero and extra jalapeno for depth of flavor. The extreme uses only fresh yellow scorpion peppers for extreme heat and sharp citrusy notes. Each of these sauces is kissed with a splash of Quebec Maple Syrup to balance acidity. You haven’t tried the best salsas until you’ve tried our intense new Chez Nous Salsa made with fresh local premium tomatoes and peppers.

We also make a line of Specialty salsa, Special, which consists of a Salsa Verde, that is fresh and bright, with tomatillos, fresh local cilantro, jalapeno, and loads of fresh squeezed limes. Maple Peach Salsa has extra maple and loads of fresh local diced peaches. The Tropical Salsa trumpets chunks of mango and pineapple and takes you to the beach. Our super balanced Veggie Plus adds organic corn and black beans to present a healthy plant-based protein.

All of our tomato paste and vinegar is organic certified. Our Salsas cannot be certified organic because we have chosen to use local hydroponic tomato growers. Even the Calcium chloride used to help us keep the veggies crunchy is organic compliant.

As you can see, these are not run-of-the-mill Salsas. They come from the mind of the Peppermaster using his 60 years’ experience controlling heat and mastering the flavor of sauces. Who better to bring us such local supply bounty? You can feel the thought and care in every bite.

These Salsas are unique in the commercial market, made using the freshest of ingredients. No seconds here! No fruits being rescued because they are at the end of their life and destined for landfill. Our products contain ingredients that are always purchased from local farmers whenever possible, not from corporate giants. We bring together farmers and people who are looking for real food that has many social benefits. Chez Nous Salsas provide this. We go the extra mile for you, your family and friends, our friends.

We invite you to support us in our challenge to strengthen the Canadian Food Chain by incorporating more local goodness into your life. Putting our dollars directly into local producers’ hands helps benefit us all in changing economic times, now and into the future, both for ourselves and for our children.

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Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 12 cm
Heat Level

mild, medium, hot, extreme, mixed


Classic mild, Classic Medium, Classic Hot, Classic Extreme, Island Fruit Medium, Maple Peach Mild, Jalapeno Tomatillo Medium, Veges Plus Medium, Salsa 6pk


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