Hurricane Mash – The Original


Experience the intense heat and unique flavour of Peppermaster Hurricane Mash. Made with fresh hot peppers, and fresh squeezed limes, this artisanal pepper sauce is perfect for spice enthusiasts and gourmet cooks. All-natural, locally sourced ingredients. Elevate your dishes today!


One of our most popular must-have products, Hurricane Mash is simple, clean, and fresh, with nothing but powerful heat and flavour courtesy of good, wholesome ingredients that are sure to elevate your palate.
Made with no fillers, water, or vinegar; just fresh chili peppers, blasts of zingy lime, and the perfect amount of heat. If you can only choose one of our products, this one is it.
Simply put – Hurricane Mash is the best way to breathe life into anything you eat.
Discover the power of peppers and amazing flavour while transforming your food and meals like never before. This fan-favourite will blow you away like a hurricane!

Additional information

Weight .5 kg
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 10 cm

250 ml, 45 ml

Heat Level

Mild, Medium, Hot, Extreme


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